Beauty on the Farm

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Spring on the Farm,  April 5, 2016

Have you visited the Farm recently? Spring abounds with flowers in the Greenhouse and speckled around the Farm. Vegetables and herbs are beginning to show their rich, vibrant color and delicious perfume in the garden. The animals-pigs, alpaca, cows, sheep, chickens, roosters, peacocks, goats, horses, ducks and cats watch for visitors and call out their welcome. Come to the Farm to see the colors, hear the sounds, enjoy the smells and feel the textures of everything Loma Vista Farm has to offer you this spring.

Photography by Sean Franzen

160302_LVF_0028   160302_LVF_0060  160302_LVF_0111   160302_LVF_0051

160302_LVF_0086   160302_LVF_0092  160302_LVF_0089  160302_LVF_0102

160302_LVF_0070  160302_LVF_0066  160302_LVF_0065  160302_LVF_0075

160302_LVF_0005  160302_LVF_0006