Stage 1 Goat Barn – Active

Stage 1 Goat Barn

The new goat barn design was carefully thought through to ensure nothing was missed.

Features of the new goat barn design include:

  • Goat pens on both sides of a 10-foot covered walkway so that students and goats can greet each other any time of the year.
  • Indoor pens with roof tall enough so that caretakers and Farm staff can work comfortably and easily keep pens clean.
  • Eco-friendly design to ensure that water drainage and waste can be recycled for farm use, moving manure to the gardens while filtering and recycling water.
  • Play area for the goats so they can enjoy the comforts of LVF/home.
  • Barn design to allow all children full and safe access to the goats.
  • Full access for all students and adults, including special-need students/adults.
  • Building design allowing for self-cooling in the summer and warming in the winter.

Features of the new barn include:

  • Heat control during summer months with insulated walls and ceiling fan
  • Rainwater capture and recycle
  • Interactive learning with mobile device education courses (still to be developed)
  • Utility station for farm events
  • Playground for the goats
  • Drainage allowing for recycle of manure for the gardens
  • Food storage for goats
  • Walkway allowing wheelchair accessibility to goats so that all children can enjoy an equal experience
  • Water access and feeders in all six pens

Scheduled Timeline:

7.14.16 Begin contract agreement with MDBarnmaster.
7.22.16 Site utilities research complete, Begin site & utility design.
8.05.16 Goats moved over to begin clearing area
8.11.16 Receive engineering specs from MDBarnmaster.
9.12.16 Plans complete and send for review by VCUSD.

-Begin site excavation
-Begin underground utilities, drainage and foundation.
-Barn Delivery and begin assembly.
-Plumbing and electrical
-Finishes, fictures and fences
-Move Goats in!!!

And so it begins…watch below for pictures and updates!


Older goat barn


temporary goat facility to prepare the land

Proposed Goat Barn

Proposed goat barn


Proposed goat play area

For more information click below:
Goat Barn Site Plan
Proposed Goat Barn Floor Plan
Proposed Goat Barn Interior Elevation

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