Why is the Master Plan needed?

The Master Plan is needed to ensure that the Farm thrives for the next 50 years, at least through 2065. Since the information revolution started in the late 20th century, the way we learn has evolved. Also changing is how we view animals and how they live their lives. At Loma Vista Farm we focus our educational programs on things like:

  • Healthful eating choices
  • Animal care
  • Organic feed and food for the animals
  • Growing food without pesticides and poisons

The Master Plan will help us to better achieve our mission statement goals.

At Loma Vista Farm we are constantly seeking ways to lower our carbon footprint on the environment. The Master Plan, when fully implemented, will allow us to cut back on water usage while fully recycling manures and composts for growing foods in the gardens.   We are eager to pull back from the PG&E grid while embracing more friendly sources of energy, e.g. solar. Simply modernizing our barns will provide our farm animals with more heat in the winter and cooler summers without the need to use energy.

Mobile devices dominate our lives today. They have changed the way we read, play, shop, learn, and survive. The Loma Vista Farm of the 1970s/’80s has to change to better embrace how the Farm interacts with today’s technology.