Currently we need to raise $2.8 million to fully fund the entire Master Plan. You can help by suggesting ways to raise money to fund the Master Plan.

All donors from corporations, small businesses, foundations, grants, individuals, and community groups are encouraged and invited to help us in this project.   We welcome donors who will take on owning a part of the Master Plan and help to fund parts or entire sections of the plan.

The Master Plan’s total estimated costs:

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You’ve lived here your entire life and know Vallejo as the best place to live, work, learn, and retire.   You have the opportunity to leave your permanent mark at Loma Vista Farm and in Vallejo and the surrounding community!   We welcome and we’re open to discussing naming rights to buildings and areas of the farm. This is an opportunity for folks to leave a mark in the community expressing their support for education and the youth of Vallejo and the Bay Area.

Interested in how can you help? For more information, contact us. We’re open to innovative thinking and ideas!


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