August 2013 –
How to Identify Insects

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Rita's Monthly Gardening Tips,  August 6, 2013

Correctly identifying insects, spiders, etc. is the first crucial step if you are concerned that it may cause harm to you or your plants. Without knowing for sure what the insect is, before taking action, we risk wasting our time, money, and potentially doing more harm than we realize to the environment. Below is a list of people that will help you identify the exact insect that you are concerned about.  

Insect Sciences Museum of California
This is a group of insect experts in the San Francisco Bay Area that can help you identify insects.

Bug Guide
This online community that covers the United States and Canada has an extensive website and support options to help identify insects.

Solano County Master Gardener’s
The Master Gardener Hotline for Solano County has the answers!  The hotline consists of either the phone line 707-784-1322 or their email:
. Please note, with email, you can attach pictures of the problem, which may aid in the diagnosis of your plant question.

Bug Man
Green pest management and consulting. You can contact him at .