June 2013 – Gardening Myths

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Rita's Monthly Gardening Tips,  June 5, 2013

ritaIn the informational world how do we know how to separate fact from fallacy, the wheat from the chaff? How do we take old wives’ tales with a grain of salt? How do we practice a healthy dose of caveat emptor when being presented with miraculous claims by a snake oil salesman?

The answer is to arm yourself with factual knowledge. Knowing what products and practices are truly beneficial will save you money and help to increase your success in gardening. The links below will lead you to research-based evidence by experts in the horticulture field. Under each link there is a list of the myths that are discussed so you can look at all of them or pick and choose ones that you want to know more about.  

Happy gardening!
Check back next month for the July Gardening Tip!