Cesar Chavez

Cesar was a Hispanic boy born in 1927 in Arizona. He lived to be 66 years old. Cesar grew up on a  LVF_Logo_WEB Farm so big you could put 16 Loma Vista Farms on it. Cesar helped to take care of the vegetable garden, cows, and chickens, which kept his large family fed. When Cesar was 10, there was a drought. With no rain, the plants couldn’t grow, so Cesar’s family moved to California and moved around harvesting other farmers’ vegetables and fruits. Many Hispanic people did this kind of work and were called migrant workers. California farms grow a lot of the fruits and vegetables that people all over the country eat. Farmers rely on migrant workers to help pick the fruits and vegetables. The work was harder than it needed to be for the migrant workers, so when Cesar grew up he helped to find ways to make the work easier for them. Cesar became famous for finding a way to help migrant workers through teamwork and kindness.

To honor the memory of Cesar Chavez, have your students understand the contributions that he made and how important agriculture is in California. Show the students the map of California, the United States, and World Agriculture.

This also leads to a discussion on the importance of kids eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Ask your students what their favorite fruits and vegetables are. Where do they come from? How do they get to your house from where they grow?

Take your students for a walk through the gardens and orchard. Teach them the names of the different fruits and vegetables. Show them how to harvest a fruit or vegetable for each child to eat. (Check with Farm staff for appropriate produce to harvest.)

Once social change begins
It cannot be reversed.
You cannot uneducate the person
who is educated.
You cannot take literacy away
from someone who has learned to read.
You cannot humiliate
the person who feels pride.
And you cannot oppress the people
who are not afraid anymore.
César Chávez

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