Moozie the Cow is the ambassador of kindness for the Children’s Kindness Network, a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) As a talking robotic cow, her mission is to spread the milk of human kindness. “Since I’m a cow and cows give milk, I think spreading the milk of human kindness is just perfect. Don’t you?”

Children instantly develop a special relationship with Moozie as they listen to her stories, songs,moozielesson and poetry on being kind—to the earth, to one another, to the animals, and to ourselves. Moozie’s words coordinate with her lifelike movements. It is a delight to see Moozie ask the children a question and then they raise their hands politely or in eager participation shout out an answer. Moozie’s impeccable timing then responds to the children that they have given good answers. The children smile with satisfaction.

Moozie came to Loma Vista Farm back in 2002 when Farmer Rita read a Moozie book she picked up from the local library to her then-young children. Rita e-mailed Ted about the possibility of Moozie coming to Loma Vista Farm in Vallejo, California. Ted Dreier, Executive Director of the Children’s Kindness Network (CKN) and the creator of Moozie, was delighted to learn more about the Vallejo City Unified School District and Loma Vista Farm and drove out to see the Farm from Texas. Ted could see that Moozie would fit in perfectly with the Farm’s educational program, so he arranged to get Moozie donated to the Farm.

Moozie is a huge favorite of visiting field trips, kids of all ages, and especially teachers. Moozie is available for school groups or even drop-in visitors. Moozie’s home web site can be found at