sheep1The Farm has 3 ewes, Princess, Ruby and Lucy.

Farmer Rita said it was really hard to take pictures of our  active friends, but I’m sure ‘ewe’ will want to come to the Farm to welcome our ewes. Born in February/March of 2013 and now 4 years old, our ewes (or female sheep) were donated by Loree Tackmier, who is a Vallejo school teacher and a 4-H Leader in Petaluma. The two smaller ones are a Hampshire and Suffix mix. Come on by the Farm and see our adorable ewes.


Niki and Ruby


Ruby, behind Niki, was the ugly duckling of the sheep. Ruby is quiet and calm-tempered. She has rather big ears for a lamb, but they add to her sweet face. Ruby is beyond friendly to all visiting humans. To sum it up, Ruby loves people.






Princess, Ruby and Niki

Princess, Ruby and Niki

Princess (the one in the front)  is the dominant sheep in charge of the herd. Princess is known for pushing you along when it’s feeding time, and she loves to have her head scratched. Princess was a blue ribbon sheep during her State Fair days.






Lucy is a Barbados sheep, born May 16, 2016, in Clayton, California. She is one of twins and was very tiny when born with an arch in her back. Likely the position in her mother’s womb prevented her from fully developing as her twin brother did. The arch in her back prevented her from standing, so she was unable to nurse, and her mother had no choice but to accept her twin brother while rejecting Lucy. A mother sheep accepting one of a set of twins but not the other is not that uncommon. Lucy was born somewhat prematurely with a twin brother 2 to 3 times her size. Without human intervention, she would not have survived.

Lucy’s owner, Doug, brought her home, and for the first 3 to 5 days of her life she was kept in a box and fed via a syringe every 2 hours. After a week the box was upgraded to a kennel when Lucy showed signs that she might survive! Doug refused to give up on her, insisting that life is too precious and she would make it.

The frequent syringe feeding continued for 1-2 weeks and eventually evolved to a baby bottle as Lucy learned how to use her mouth to drink milk. For the first few nights of her life, Doug would sleep on a sofa in front of the fireplace with his hand in the box for Lucy to lean on and gain comfort. Meanwhile the fireplace kept the box warm during the cold spring mornings. Lucy thinks her “mom” is human because of this early bonding.

Today Lucy is 3 months old and perfectly normal. She beat all the odds. We’re proud to welcome her to Loma Vista Farm. Since birth Lucy has known only humans, a dog, and a cat. She’s a perfect fit for Loma Vista Farm and is adjusting to her new home nicely. Notice how she is getting to know Marleu (farm’s dog, Denise’s dog), as they sniff and size each other up. Then they start to walk around each other with playful head bumping. This is a happy sight.

Click below to see Lucy and Marleu playing.