Loma Vista Farm has several rabbits: Angel X, Pete, Sparky and our new rabbit Domino.

Angel X

Meet Angel X. He is a lionhead rabbit. This is a new breed of rabbit, only recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association since 2014. His coloration is called broken chocolate. The lionhead breed is created through the breeding of two different rabbits that created a mutated gene, which features the long hair around the neck like a lion’s mane. Since the breed comes from a mutant gene, the students named him after characters from the X-Men comic series.





Pete arrived Monday, September 26th, 2016, to Loma Vista Farm. Pete is just beautiful, fluffy, and a big rabbit! Pete is a young 4 years old this year, and is about twice the size of the other rabbits who make Loma Vista Farm home. Pete comes to us from a family in Vallejo, whose daughter has gone off to college. The family has been looking for a home for Pete and we couldn’t be happier to welcome Pete to Loma Vista Farm. Pete was raised with lots of human contact in a very loving home. This is evident by his super friendly and cuddly personality.





Sparky is a mixed breed male. He is a shy, gentle bunny with a glossy black coat. He enjoys being brushed by the children.




Meet our new rabbit Domino.  Farmer Rita believes he is an English Spot or an English Spot mix.






We consider it the highest compliment when someone requests to re-home their favorite pet and family member at Loma Vista Farm. We thank you for the compliment. We are delighted to be able to offer Pete a home at Loma Vista Farm. We do want to let the public know it is a rare occurrence when we are able to offer a permanent home to new animals. When opportunity to house a farm animal at Loma Vista Farm times perfectly with someone wanting to place a farm animal in a new home, we are delighted and welcome the opportunity.

We get requests monthly to accept a rabbit and/or other farm animal at Loma Vista Farm for re-homing. Unfortunately we don’t have the space or the funds to accept the many requests we receive. Due to space limitations and our farm’s small size we are very limited on what and when we can accept farm animals. Thanks to all for your understanding.