CattleKeebler and Oreo are both Dutch Belted heifers (girls).  Keebler and Oreo are about 15 years of age and are rescued animals, which makes them all the more special. Keebler and Oreo came to Loma Vista Farm from Windswept Ranch in Tehachapi, California. Both were show animals at the California state fair petting zoo. As Keebler and Oreo grew into adulthood they outgrew their petting zoo days and needed a home The new permanent home for both became Loma Vista Farm.



Keebler has horns and just a little white. Keebler is a throwback because of her horns.  Because of Keebler’s breed, she should not have horns. The fact that she does is evidence that her background is a mixture of breeds.





Oreo, is Keebler’s sister. Oreo has a white belt almost completely around her. She is a little shy, compared to her sister. She is quite sweet and easy to pet.






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