‘Ewe’ will see 3 new Someones at the Farm

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News From the Farm,  October 2, 2013

sheep4Farmer Rita said it was really hard to take pictures of our 3 new active friends, but I’m sure ‘ewe’ will want to come to the Farm to welcome our three new ewes. Born in February/March of 2013, our 3 new ewes (or female sheep) were donated by Loree Tackmier, who is a Vallejo school teacher and a 4-H Leader in Petaluma. The largest one is a Hampshire sheep and the two smaller ones are a Hampshire and Suffix mix. Come on by the Farm and see our adorable new ewes.

What are their names? The students at Loma Vista Elementary School are having a contest to decide their names right now. Keep looking on the website to find out!

sheep1  sheep2