Annual Pasta Feed Fundraiser 2018

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Annual FundraiserFundraiserHome PageNews From the Farm,  September 2, 2017

 SAVE THE DATE:  March 24th, 2018

 Keep the date, March 24th, 2018 open for the Friends of Loma Vista Farm’s Annual Pasta Feed Fundraiser for great food and fun while you support Loma Vista Farm.

 We’re actively looking for Event Sponsors, auction item donations & volunteers. If you’re interested, please email We appreciate your support.


Loma Vista Farm animals need your help

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Donate TodayFundraiserHome Page,  September 1, 2017

This year the costs to maintain our farm animals have sky-rocketed, and we really need your help. We are soliciting to donate to our active animal fund, which has been set up to feed and take care of the animals, including their veterinary care.

Please follow the below GoFundMe link and donate to our animal fund.

Thank you!