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Uncategorized,  May 3, 2014


The Begijnhof in Amsterdam is the only almshouses founded in medieval Amsterdam and located within the Singel. It is unclear when the Begijnhof was founded. Originally the Begijnhof was entirely surrounded by water (the Damrak, the Spui and Begijnensloot) with the only access a gate at Begijnensteeg (with a bridge over the Begijnensloot). It was more like a monastery, although the Beguines had more freedom than nuns in a convent, the Beguines laid like a vow of chastity, but were allowed to leave the court at any time to get married.

July 2013 –
Give a Third, Get a Third

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Rita's Monthly Gardening Tips,  July 5, 2013

It is a commonly known fact that you can thank a pollinator for one out of three bites of food you eat. We understand that we need pollinators. We hope for them to create our wonderful bounty of edible crops. We wait for them. We worry about if and when they will come. The service that pollinators provide is part of a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship with plants. The bee ensures plant species survival by moving around the male pollen to the female flower. In exchange, the bee receives nectar and pollen to ensure its own survival.   Continue reading